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Space Girl



Edition of 9


 "Space Girl”, is a jigsaw puzzle, She is a female in sections.

She  is first, modelled in clay , then cast in Bronze , completely assembled , before being destroyed ,and finally  re assembled with bronzes wedges as spacers 
The process of destruction and recreation  reboots  realism  .
By adding colour , the figure dons a  Second Skin , an additional layer that invigorates the image, and breaks her away from her  figurative  traditions



"Bronze figurative sculpture has a long tradition. For me, the ArtDeco period was the foundation for inspiration. Running parallel to that are ideas that spring from photographic imagery, fashion and robotics. Somewhere, ideas develop and grow, but always around the figure. I have always drawn, but mainly for the purpose of planning my sculptures. But now, my drawings are developing into a more expressive form of my creativity."

In his work, Glassborow relies heavily on traditional classical precedents and careful anatomical observation. Nevertheless, he manages to temper his respect for figurative precision with a refined elegance and beauty. 

Stephen Glassborow Design Process: Through the action of construction and deconstruction he transposes the reality of a piece, creating an object rather than a subject. By either slicing or cutting up the figure and adding bold colours to what is usually a dark medium, Stephen Glassborow objectifies the sculpture and creates his own unique, contemporary look. “I have always had this approach to my sculpture. Because the figure has been used for thousands of years, I knew I had to find my own take on it.” – Stephen Glassborow.

Stephen Glassborow was Born in, Hammersmith England

Stephen Glassborow specialises in making Sculptures in Bronze. He uses the figure like a coat  hanger, onto which he displays his ideas. In each sculpture he likes to manipulate and capture the  figure in a blend of real and abstract.

Glassborow’s career has developed to a point where he now sells his work in many countries. Stephen Glassborow exhibits regularly in the States and the UK, and he has public works in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur,  Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul.

In Australia, Glassborow has had many exhibitions with public sculptures featuring in Canberra,  Sydney, Melbourne and regional Victoria.


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