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Stepping Bather


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Phillip was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. Due to the situation in Cyprus his family moved to Australia and he acquired Australian Citizenship in 1978.

As a teenager his involvement with clay and his drive to model it into sculpture was the driving force for him to join private classes of Russian born sculptor George Virine. Phillip further explored sculpture in Brisbane until he embarked on a “Grand Tour”, travelling to Greece and studying with Greek sculptor Vangillis Muutstakas and learning the many facets of bronze casting at the Dimitri Gavallas Foundry. He then went on to work at Pietra Santa, Italy to give himself a more sculptural knowledge.

In 1989 he was the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship (Sculpture) in recognition of his achievements with clay and bronze, Phillip travelled to Canada, USA and England to further his knowledge in monumental casting.

Modelling, casting and finishing, Phillip controls every step of the process of bronze sculpture creation. His virtuosity at modelling and his innovative patinas through their remarkable variations convey a voluptuous richness of human flesh.

He has had a major influence on the career of many sculptors conducting workshops for the Churchill Fellowship Association, the Queensland Art Gallery Guides and the Queensland Sculptors Society. He has produced a video for the Queensland Art Gallery “Masterpieces from the Louvre” and a video for SBS Television “Bronzes in Perides Art foundry”.

He has an impressive record of public and private commissions.


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