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Who else but Woman



Edition of 6

Originally carved in Sandstone. One year ago a decision to cast in bronze.

Bronze is such a celebratory metal !!

Inherently strong with a capacity for radiance in its original casting.

It is transformed by patination creating many totally unique perceptual experiences.



Blue is a colour often associated with freedom, intuitiveness,

Trust, loyalty, sincerity and confidence.

I want women to honour and be loyal to their genetic bodies,

 be sincere about them and feel a sense of freedom to be themselves.


Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 4.33.01 pm.png

Margaret Sheridan is a professional sculptor of 25 years, carving from a variety of stone, serpentine, sandstone, Australian jade, and marble, as well as wood.

Margaret's stone carvings can be seen cast in bronze, as well as bronze sculptures cast from freehand modeling.

Trained by the famous sculptor Mitzi McColl, and inspired by her time in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, learning Marble carvings using pneumatic tools, and becoming a well-respected sculptor.

Margaret's award-winning work is often exhibited nationally and can also be seen at Macquarie Sculpture park, and across Australia as private commissions.

  • Secretary , The Sculptors Society 1997 to 2000 inclusive.

  • President of The Sculptors Society 2001 to 2004 inclusive, vice president 2005 to 2007.

  • Represented the Sculptors Society in China at an International Sculpture symposium in 2000.

  • Several prizes, Royal Easter Show, Wyong Festival Art show, La Perouse National Sculpture Prize.

  • Sandstone Sculpture In Macquarie Sculpture park.

  • Commissioned Bronze Sculpture, Women’s college Sydney University

  • Regular exhibitor in The Sculptors Society Exhibitions In Darling Park, Australia Square, MLC Centre, Govenor Phillip and Govenor Macquarie Towers, Mosman Village Festival of Sculpture, Wyong Festival Art Exhibition.


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